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Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

  1. Format your resume to the specific company and position you’re applying for.
  2. Make yourself marketable – a resume is designed to sell your skills and strengths.
  3. Have a strong professional summary – You only have a few seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention, so do it from the beginning.
  4. Organize information in reverse chronological order when listing education and experience.
  5. Include all of your contact information.
  6. Use action verbs.
  7. Network – If you are unemployed, you should constantly be handing out your resume and applying for open positions.
  8. Use resume paper.
  9. Ensure you up-date your references regularly.
  10. Edit. Edit. Edit. Proof read your resume twice, then have another person review your resume.

Common Resume Mistakes

  1. Typos and Grammatical Errors
  2. Highlight accomplishments, not duties
  3. Visually too busy – Avoid fancy fonts and details. Keep to a standard font and a clean layout.
  4. Incorrect contact information
  5. Including personal information such as marital status, religious preference or hobbies
  6. A less-than-professional email. Use a contact email that avoids using nick names, dates or symbols. Along with a professional email, be sure to have a professional email for the contact number you provide on your resume.
  7. Don’t include experience exceeding 10 years.