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EPTA Monthly Pass Winner

Paul Montgomery, a Valley College student, was the winner of a monthly pass from The Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority.

“EPTA recently participated in the Resource / Job Fair sponsored by Valley College. We met student Paul Montgomery (L), Cariss LaBelle, Executive Director Valley College (C) and HVAC Instructor Jeremy Miley (R). Picture of Paul receiving his HVAC tools that he earned, and shared the following.


Paul Montgomery (seen left) wrote:

‘When I attended orientation at Valley College, it made me think that this place is different, this is something I can get into. The teachers are nice, and helpful, and I thought, I think I’m going like it here.

This is the first time I have really followed through with something, when it comes to my career, ever in my life! In the process of coming here, I lost my car and I lost my job. However, thanks to EPTA I am able to catch the bus from Charles Town to Martinsburg so that I can finish my college training program.

All I know is, despite the challenges that life throws at me, I will do anything to finish school, no matter what it takes. I will go far in the HVAC field, so I can create a good life for me and my daughter. Thank you Valley College and thank you EPTA!'”