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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Welcome to National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Every October is all about spreading awareness about cyber security, tips on how everyone can stay safe online, and the dangers that can arise from just one simple click.

At Valley College, students and faculty have been participating in various activities to recognize hidden dangers and best practices for protecting ourselves, our identities, our businesses and our country. Activities focus on dissemination, review and analysis of major security breaches that occur on a daily basis. The intent is to create the proper, worldly mindset essential for proactive and reactive measures to prevent or battle compromises. Students have conducted research on various topics and look for lessons learned in the process.

Here’s some basic guidance that everyone can use. Since today’s world is so interconnected, having good online hygiene is a MUST! Cyber security affects everything that we do, including social media, our mobile phones, and our online presence here at work. Security will never be 100%, but there are many strategies that we can all learn to better protect and prepare ourselves.

Here are a few tips that we can all take to make our online presence more secure:

  1. Think before you click: Analyze every email for suspicious links, unknown senders, and random attachments.
  2. Protect your passphrases: Make each and every one of your passphrases different for every site. The longer the passphrase, the harder it is for a bad guy.
  3. Keep software updated: This helps close potential security holes in systems that attackers can take advantage of. This also applies to all devices, not just desktops or laptops.
  4. Browse and shop securely: Look for “https” in the website address. Never enter in any sensitive data to a site that is not “https.”

You can find out more information about being #CyberAware, the #LockDownURLogin campaign, and National Cyber Security Awareness Month at these 2 websites: