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Get Ahead of the Game with HVAC Training

HVAC trainingThere is no doubt that when you enter a field or try to learn a trade, you are seeking something that will last you for the rest of your life, or at least until retirement. There are many jobs out there, some which will last for a decent amount of time and others that will fade. The fact of the matter however, is that HVAC is without a doubt one industry that will be around for many years to come, and with good reason. No matter where you go, there will always be a need for HVAC services, and by learning this highly coveted trade, you will find that you always have employment.

Working Conditions as an HVAC Specialist

The working conditions for HVAC technicians and specialists are varied. For example, you might find yourself working outdoors quite a bit, but in other cases you could find yourself working indoors. This is simply because HVAC technicians can find themselves working in residential homes, stores, and factories on many different parts, systems, and components.

At the beginning of the working day, some HVAC technicians are given specific assignments where they will spend either all or the majority of their shift. Sometimes this will be a residence, other times it may be a commercial building. It should be noted that these environments are often uncomfortable due to the air conditioning or heater being in a non-functional state, and they are also quite cramped in some cases. This tends to limit the types of people who can work in the field, but with the right training, a well suited individual stands to make a considerable amount of money in the HVAC profession. Let’s take a look at what you need to do if you want an HVAC License.

Getting your HVAC License

Every journey stars with a first step, and in this case your first step would be enrolling at our very own Valley College.  There are many reasons for which you might want to train here. Perhaps you are interested in starting a brand new career as an HVAC technician, or maybe your current employer has sent you for higher education so that you can advance in your career. Either way, we are ready and willing to grant you the skill you need to become the best HVAC technician in the field.

The best part, is that you will not have to spend several years in school to simply learn your trade. Whatever your reason for attending school happens to be, there is a good chance that your objective is to get in and get out as quickly as possible. You have a job to do, we understand that, and we’re up to the challenge of training you. The question is, are you up to the challenge of learning?

Hands on Education

We understand that there is more to HVAC training than simply sitting around and learning from textbooks.Tht is precisely why at Valley College we ensure all of our students receive hands on training, and as students, you will work in our specialized on-site workshops gaining practical, real life experience. Naturally there will be some classroom learning, but it is all augmented with that practical experience you crave.

Expert Guidance

Not only is the training facility state of the art, you will find that the program is led by respected professionals in the HVAC field who have plenty of on-the-job experience. You will participate in many areas of study which include air conditioning, blueprints, heating systems, boilers, commercial systems, and safety regulations.

Useable Skills

This is more than just a skill, this is a way for you to earn a great living. According to, the median pay for an HVAC specialist as of 2012 was $43,640 per year and that means a total of $20.98 per hour for you. There were over 267,600 jobs, and a growth of 21%, making this one of the faster growing fields. These are skills that you can use for a lifetime, and skills that you can use to better the lives of those around you while making a great income.

When it comes to finding jobs in the United States, the pickings can be a bit slim, but as we said before, the HVAC field is always going to have great opportunities, both residential and commercial. Now would be the time for you to start looking at our HVAC service training and seeing whether or not the program will suit you. Remember, you need more than just ‘a job’ to get you through the next fifteen or twenty years of your life – you need a career, and that is precisely what we are equipped to offer you. It’s time to go to work.