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How HVAC Training May Improve Your Quality of Life

instructor1Given the current state of the economy, while many jobs in various fields of industry are being restructured or removed entirely, there are a few professions in the market that are unlikely to be replaced or see a reduction in demand.  One of those professions is that of heating and air conditioning services.  When you have a family to care for, or if you’re looking to make things better for yourself personally, diving into HVAC training may lead to a steady job with the improved quality of life you are seeking.

How Difficult is HVAC Training?

The courses at Valley College are designed to make learning and comprehension easy.  We understand that the ability to pick up a new and important career skill may seem daunting at first, but our staff members are right there with you, walking you through the entire program to help you become successful.  We also understand that you want to learn as quickly as possible, that’s why our HVAC training is delivered to you in just nine months.  It should not take several years of your valuable time to prepare you for the HVAC certification after completing the HVAC program at Valley College.  You can begin your exciting new career in a short time and start achieving your goals of making a better life for you and your family.

The Demand for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

We can all say that it seems the summers have been hotter, and the winters colder these last few years, so the demands placed upon air conditioning and heating units takes a toll when the weather gets into the extremes.  Since these machines are being continuously used, the demand for technicians to service them is on the rise.

The United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the job outlook for the years 2012- 2022 where the air conditioning and heating repair industry should see a 21% increase, which is faster than average for all occupations.[1]  AC repair and heating technicians remain in high demand throughout the country.  You can’t go wrong with an HVAC certification under your belt to help you achieve your short term and long term career goals.

Finding the Best HVAC School For Your Needs

Once you decide to jump into the HVAC industry, your next step is finding the school that best fits your needs and training to help prepare you for  your HVAC  certification as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing the quality of education.  This is precisely where Valley College stands out among the rest.

Our HVAC school instructors have extensive real world experience to train you and share their knowledge with you to enhance your training.  While you receive some classroom training to introduce you to the basics of the HVAC profession, the powerful knowledge comes to you from working on actual air conditioning and heating machinery in our workshops located on campus.

Our training teaches you how to service and maintain residential and commercial systems, as well as educate you on handling and safety regulations.  You will learn how to work with air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems.  We also work with you to guide you into developing your career into the future as a way of helping you transition your newly acquired skills towards  your career advancement in the future.  Imagine taking your skills as an HVAC Technician further and perhaps even owning your own business someday.

We here, at Valley College, are committed to helping you create a new future for you and your family by teaching you skills to start your new career as an HVAC Technician. If  you would like to have more information about our HVAC training at Valley College,  feel free to call us to speak to one of our friendly and helpful admissions representatives, or submit your information on our online form for us to promptly get in touch with you regarding the exciting opportunity of training at Valley College.  We are excited to help you discover a whole new world of air conditioning and heating repair that can help you launch your success into the future, and help you achieve the personal and professional goals you have always dreamed of.

Your future awaits you, so contact us today!   Don’t wait any longer to take that next, grand step into your new career.  Learn skills that will allow you to have a fulfilling profession by servicing vital air conditioning and heating machinery that millions of people depend upon year round.  This is your opportunity to join an industry that has a long and bright future ahead of it, with no signs of slowing down.  Become a certified HVAC technician with the help from the experienced and committed staff at Valley College.