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HVAC 205: Student Speaker


The HVAC 205 Math class had Kevin Blankenship, HVAC graduate, speak to their class on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Mr. Blankenship spoke to the students about his experience at Valley College and the HVAC program. He went over various things within the program that he has directly applied in the work force. He discussed two main topics with the students:

  1. How the program at Valley College was very beneficial and informative, but unless you put the time into studying and reviewing the material, you won’t benefit from the program as much as you would if you put hard work and dedication into your studies, and
  2. The top aspects of the course that directly benefited him in the field.

Upon graduating from the HVAC program, Mr. Blankenship received his contractor’s license and started his own HVAC company called Westside Heating and Cooling. He has been able to support his family and even employ his brother through his company.