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Is HVAC Training Right for You?

instructor1If you live in Beckley, or any of the surrounding areas, there is a great job opportunity just waiting for you. HVAC technicians are in high demand in the area, and Valley College has the HVAC training you need to get started in this exciting career.

If you have never heard of an HVAC technician before, these are the people that install and service residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning,” and anyone who decides to enter this field has job security and great salary.

As an HVAC school, Valley College offers all the training you need to begin an HVAC career in under a year, and we even offer job placement services after graduation. Let us take a look at what you can expect as an HVAC technician with a VC degree.

Prior Education for an HVAC License

Before you can enroll in an HVAC training school, you must complete your high school education, or have a general equivalency diploma. It is helpful that while in high school you took classes such as mathematics, mechanical drawing, electronics, physics or any other industrial arts related courses. These types of courses help prepare you for the training you will receive at Valley College.

After graduating high school or receiving your GED, your next step is to enroll in Valley College’s HVAC license program. Our accredited training program offers a curriculum of blueprint and plan reading, air conditioning, heating unit and boiler repair, commercial system training, safety and handling training and professionalism training. Our well-rounded 9-month training program ensures you are ready for all aspects of being an HVAC technician immediately after graduation.

HVAC Examinations

After you complete your studies at Valley College, you will be required to take a licensing exam. On the exam, you will be expected to display knowledge of all aspects of HVAC repair and installation, as well as some electrical coding.

Any HVAC technician wishing to work with refrigerants must receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s HVAC certification in safe handling. A second, written exam is given that specifically focuses on this area of the trade.

Types of HVAC Certification

There are four types of HVAC certification.

  1. Type I – An HVAC technician with this type of certification usually services small appliances such as window air conditioners, vending machines and residential refrigerators.
  2. Type II – This HVAC technician’s job is to service and dispose of high-pressure refrigerant equipment such as residential air conditioning units and heat pumps, as well as process refrigeration and supermarket refrigeration.
  3. Type III – Type III HVAC technicians service and dispose of low-pressure refrigerants such as chillers.
  4. Universal Certificate – Any HVAC technician who wants to service all types of equipment must have universal certification.

What Makes a Good HVAC Technician?

Being an HVAC technician requires more than just getting the proper education. The following key characteristics are some that a good HVAC technician possesses.

  • Must be mechanically inclined
  • Must be able to understand technical drawings, diagrams and graphs
  • Must be safety-minded at all times
  • Must be able to understand electrical equipment and other tools
  • Must possess good troubleshooting skills
  • Must have experience handling power tools and hand tools
  • Must possess good customer service skills and be able to work well with others

Benefits of Heating and Air Conditioning Certification

While you can certainly find work without certification, technicians who have heating and air conditioning certification have more opportunities than those who do not pursue certification. Technicians who possess certification can be promoted to supervisory positions, managers and sales and marketing jobs. They can also become system test and balance specialists, cost estimators or building superintendents with HVAC certification.

As you can see, HVAC technicians have many opportunities to find work and advance in their careers with the right training. With the average salary of an HVAC technician in West Virginia being roughly $40,000, this career is not anything to sneeze at. Furthermore, depending on how far you decide to take your training, you have the potential to earn even more.

Valley College’s 9-month HVAC training program offers all the education and hands-on training you need to begin a new career in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Technicians in this field are in high demand, and the outlook over the next several years shows growth in this trade.

Do you have what it takes to be an HVAC technician in the Beckley, WV area? Does this trade sound exciting and challenging to you? If you would like more information on our HVAC training classes, contact our Beckley admissions office at (304)252-9547. We have several start dates throughout the year so you do not have to wait to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you begin a new and exciting journey in this much-needed trade.