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What you need to know about HVAC Training

If you are considering a career in air conditioning repair, heating repair or a similar industry, you will likely need HVAC Certification to qualify for a job. Going to school to obtain a license for this type of license opens several career opportunities. However, it takes commitment to earn your certification and to be a successful HVAC technician. Before you move forward with your career, here are a few things you should know about working in this industry:

HVAC School Provides access to a Reliable Salary

When you complete HVAC School, you will have the licenses and training necessary to earn a good salary. Because the industry only requires special training and licensing, this career is a good alternative if you are uninterested in a traditional college program or if you want to train for a career before attending a university.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected that careers in this field are growing faster than average, so now is a great time to get started.

While some companies may not require an HVAC License at the start, you will be able to get better jobs faster because you already have the licensing and training ready to go. Call us today to learn more about our training program.

While many industries are slowing down, the heating and ventilation industry is constant, and even growing. Nearly all homes, schools and businesses have air conditioning units and all have heaters. Because it takes skill and expertise to properly repair these machines, this line of work is an excellent option for continued access to good-paying work.

In addition, HVAC Training provides access to good benefits. As you gain experience, you will have access to better benefits including health insurance and retirement.

HVAC Service Training

Heating and Air-conditioning is hard, but satisfying work

Heating and air conditioning work is no desk job. It is often physically demanding and the hours are rarely 9 to 5. You may put in long hours and if someone has an emergency on a holiday or the weekend, you may have to leave your plans to go help.

While some of your jobs will be inside, you may also have to work on outdoor pumps or fittings in cold or hot temperatures or rain and snow.  In addition, HVAC work can be dangerous. This type of position has risks of burns, shocks and injury from carrying heavy equipment if you fail to take proper safety precautions. Training at our program includes access to industry standard safety procedures, so you can do the job safely.

While this type of career is more physically demanding, it is also rewarding. You have the opportunity to work closely with customers and provide immediate relief to their discomfort. You will also enjoy the satisfaction of problem solving and working with your hands.

HVAC Service Training never ends

Ever-changing technology requires that you maintain constant HVAC Service Training to keep up with changes in new heating and air conditioning systems. This generally means that you will need to keep an eye on evolving technology so you can stay at the top of your game. You will have on-the-job training and may be required to read up on new procedures. Keeping an eye on changing technology and systems allows you to stay at the forefront of the industry and to explore new and better systems for heating and cooling.

HVAC Training is Affordable

If you do not have the time, money or desire to attend a full-time college program, training to work in ac repair offers an affordable alternative. While earning a college degree can take anywhere from two to four years, you can obtain a certification in HVAC training in just 9 months. The hands-on program allows you to learn quickly so you can enter the workforce in under a year.

If you plan to work through college, this type of training gives you access to solid work options. This can be particularly helpful if you want to attend classes without taking out student loans.

Your training will include some classroom time, but you will also have a lot of hands-on practical experience with the same equipment you will see when you are out on the job. The HVAC training program offers an affordable option that allows you to train for solid career in just a few months.

Training to work in air conditioning and heating repair is a rewarding experience. With hands-on experience and training with skilled professionals, you will have access to the latest news in the industry. You can get started on your new future today.

Valley College in Beckley, West Virginia offers access to applicable training you can use. With professional training courses HVAC, medical administration, business administration, health service administration and certified nursing assistance programs, you can train for the job you want in a hands-on environment.

To learn more about whether an HVAC certification is for you, fill out our online form and we will send you more information.