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Become an HVAC Professional by taking HVAC Service Training

The number of homes in the United States that use at least some type of central air system is growing, and understandably so. Air conditioners have made life easier, more comfortable, and they have amazing health benefits that you might not expect. Along with keeping you cool, they serve to keep the home free of allergens that could otherwise cause illnesses. Though this amazing piece of technology does keep the house in livable shape, there are many who forget that it even exists until something goes wrong with it, and it is in these times that proper AC repair will be needed.

To put it lightly, you can become an in-demand professional by attending an HVAC school. The first thing that we would like to address is that the HVAC field is not a ‘job’, so to speak. Instead, it is an amazing career that you can carry with you and perform for the rest of your life. There are numerous career paths and chances for advancement in the HVAC industry, and it won’t be too long before you’re ready to completely change your life. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you’ll be learning at HVAC school.

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Lots to Learn at a Martinsburg HVAC Service School

Martinsburg is known to have some pretty hot summers, and there are obviously a lot of people who need their air conditioners up and running at all times. As we said in the previous paragraph, a lot of people don’t pay attention to their air conditioner until something goes wrong with it, and this lack of care can lead to a lack of maintenance. The following are some of the most common air conditioning repair tasks that may need to be completed by an HVAC professional:

  • Capacitor Replacement – This one isn’t necessarily the fault of the user, but capacitors in split units are most certainly known to fail after several years and this will cause the entire air conditioner to fail until such time as it is replaced. In a split system, the capacitor is located in the outdoor condenser unit and needs to be discharged before it can be removed.
  • Filter Replacement – Unlike the capacitor, this could be a result of poor maintenance and it should be addressed in regular check ups. Fortunately, all this tends to do is cause issues with inefficiency, though it does put some extra strain on the system.
  • Coolant Recharge – While this isn’t the most common repair, it is necessary in many cases as an air conditioner cannot function without coolant. Once again, this is a task that should only be completed by a professional.

There is much more to HVAC repair than we have mentioned here, and at a Heating and Air Conditioning program at the Valley College, Martinsburg school, you can learn the skills you need to effect those repairs and more! The big question you probably have here, however, is where will you find the time or money to attend school?

A Huge Hurdle

Many fail to return to school to continue their education after high school due to time constraints or additional expense. As they say, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to go back as your life becomes more complicated. Valley, on the other hand, offers some amazing educational opportunities on a schedule that you can actually manage.

Valley strives to provide education on a schedule that you can manage, and it won’t be too long before you’re able to manage your education along with your personal life.

Once the time hurdle has been cleared, all you need to worry about is financial aid.  Once you meet with the team at Valley,  you can discuss your financial options.  Financial aid is available for those who qualify.  Take a look at our website, fill out the necessary forms, and get on track to your future- a future that will put you in a trade that is not only interesting, but one that is necessary and has Potential for growth.