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The Road to Becoming a Certified HVAC Tech

Becoming a Certified HVAC TechEver thought about a career in HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning)? Becoming an HVAC technician isn’t as difficult as you might think! The road to becoming a certified tech might seem a little long, but it’s simple and easy to follow right to the end. Whether you’re considering it or have already decided on it, take a few minutes to see the road ahead, and realize just how beneficial and rewarding it can be.

Step One: Find the School

You’ll need to find the right school for you in order to head off to a rewarding career. Consider Valley College for all of your HVAC training. In our training program, you’ll be certified and ready to start your new career in just nine months! Look around in your area, and consider colleges or license training that you can afford, and that can promise you certification in a short amount of time. For the best training, however, you just can’t beat Valley College. We’ve got actual technicians there to teach you, and show you all the tips and tricks they learned on the job that you just can’t find in a book.

Step Two: Begin your HVAC Training

Work hard! Once you’ve joined your school, or become the newest student of Valley College, you’ll need to learn and study. You won’t have to hit the books all the time, however! You’ll only be looking at books and thinking theoretically for a short amount of time. Then Valley College knows it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Once you’re ready, Valley College will start you off from the bottom up, from blueprints and plans to nuts and bolts and wiring. You’ll get hands on training for many situation that can come up, and you’ll have HVAC experts to guide you into becoming a true expert of your own. Think you just won’t be able to keep up? Don’t worry, you’ll get one on one help whenever you need it, and every instructor will be there to answer any questions you have!

What Will I Learn?

It’s easy enough to say that you’ll spend 9 months working on your training, and then you’ll be ready to start your career. But what do you actually learn? At Valley College, you’ll be trained both on paper and in the flesh on what to do, and how to comply with regulations. Learn how to find your way around the most popular brands of ventilation systems, and how to keep them clean and efficient. You’ll know the latest in HVAC changes, whether they be new requirements in machine efficiency or a new way to approach electrical problems. You’ll find out how to protect yourself from the heat and the electricity, and make every home you visit a cleaner and safer place to stay.

Step Three: Become A HVAC Certified Technician!

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the nine months of hard work in our program at Valley College. However, now that you’re ready to graduate, you still need a way to prove your new skills. We know better than to just shove you out the door and say “good luck.” Valley College provides free career counseling, and has built good working  relationships with local businesses that may help you get a job more easily. We’re here to help you not only receive your certification, but take that step forward in your career! At Valley College, you’ll even get a head start on building your own professional network by speaking to our technicians and building from there.

HVAC School

Now that you know just iswhat steps to take to become a certified HVAC technician, consider Valley College as your choice. We’re a local college with outposts in various cities in West Virginia, with a strong focus on our students. We want quality, not quantity, and work hard to ensure that everyone who comes to us leaves with all the knowledge they can hold. We teach you not only how to repair an air conditioning system, but to recognize small problems before they become big and save people a large hassle down the line. We teach you how to be a good technician, and a great salesman. Valley College sets you up for a rewarding  career as an HVAC technician.

Go ahead and check out our program information, and see whether a career in HVAC is right for you. You’re always welcome to contact us for any questions you may have, and we’ll assist you in addressing your concerns. Ready to get started? Apply now, and change your life for the better!