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Valley College Pharmaceutical Symposium

On Thursday, 9/25/14, the Beckley MCA Pharmacology class hosted a Pharmaceutical Symposium. Introduced by instructor John McClanahan, his students each researched a pharmaceutical drug of their choice and put together posters/design boards displaying their uses, treatments, facts, symptoms and even side effects. Student and staff “visitors” were able to go around the room and visit each student’s booth, where they were given a short presentation about the topic. Their boards had designs, pictures, and some brought display items and other visual aids. Before leaving, visitors could anonymously vote for their top 3 favorite presentations – the winners received extra credit points.

The students dressed in business attire, which complemented the event (the free refreshments were a nice touch too). The Pharmacology Class 1st Annual Symposium went amazingly well. It was very evident that the students dedicated great effort into their projects and presentations.

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